Oxolo AI Tool: The Soulmate For Your E-Commerce Business (Review)

After successfully entering the e-commerce business, the biggest challenge is promoting the products. The more amazing the video of your product is on your store, the more people will be attracted to it. In this, the Oxolo AI tool can help you a lot. One of the best free AI video editing tool, using which you can create a stunning video of your product in minutes and create a distinct impression of your product among people. Let’s understand Oxolo AI tool deeply and discover its worth for your product video generation.

What Is The Oxolo Ai Tool?

Oxolo AI is an AI-powered video creation tool created with e-commerce store owners in mind. With the help of this tool, sellers can quickly create videos of their products in just a few clicks. Sellers just have to include the product information, URL, or text, which Oxolo AI will easily convert into video.

Along with this, Oxolo AI is a marketers’ friend. With its help, marketers who are not well-versed in graphics design or video editing can easily create video ads to run on social media platforms and promote the product. Oxolo AI can automatically generate scripts, find actors, and add voice overs, music, and images to create an amazing piece of video ads in just a minute.

How To Use Oxolo AI?

You can easily start working with Oxolo AI by following the four steps below:

Step 1: Enter the URL of the Product Page

Copy the URL of the product page of the product you want to make a video from your E-Commerce store and paste that URL into Oxolo AI. It will analyze the product description and create a script for the video.

Step 2: AI Video Generation

After entering the URL, you will have to select the target platform (Youtube, Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, etc.) you want to make the video, then set the aspect ratio, the target group, and the target language, and click on create a video. 

As and when you click on create a video, Oxolo AI will automatically generate the script, find a good actor, add voiceover and suitable music, and add related images and will create a complete video.

Step 3: Video Customization

Oxolo AI video editor also gives you the power to customize your video. You can swap actors, change images, and change audio.

Step 4: Download the AI-generated Video

If you like the final copy, download it, use it, and share it on the product page of your e-commerce website. Apart from this, you can also use our video to run ads on social media.

Key Features and Benefits of Oxolo AI Video Generator Tool

One Click Video Generation

Oxolo AI brings a great opportunity for marketers. With its help, marketers can generate amazing AI videos quickly. All you have to do is copy the product page URL and enter that URL in this tool, choose the platform and audience as per your requirement, and the perfect product video is ready.

More Authenticity with the Real Human Actors

Many video generators are available in the market, but Oxolo AI has done wonders in terms of authenticity. Oxolo AI has used real human actors in video creation, which helps create a very immersive and convincing presentation and makes the content quite genuine.

Diverse Language Options with Professional Voiceovers

If you want to publish your video globally, this editor is no less than a boon for you. You will find professional voice actors who are proficient in multiple languages. These actors can generate videos according to the location and language of your audience so that you can reach your audience wherever you or they are in the world. So, ultimately, Oxolo AI will solve the language barrier problem.

A Vast Media Collection for Unlimited Creativity

If you’re looking for royalty-free music, stock photographs, product images, or backdrop graphics, Oxolo is the place for you. This tool allows you to easily create interesting and professional-looking videos to attract your audience.

A Video Editor with Unparalleled Personalization Features

Oxolo AI gives you control of every element in the video creation process. You can customize the actors per your requirements, customize the scripts, choose images per your theme, add music as per the intent, etc. Overall, with the help of this video editor, you can make your brand or video ad unique and creative without spending much time.

Flexible File Formats for Easy Sharing

With the help of this video editor, you can download created videos in multiple formats like MP4s, MOVs, GIFs, etc. That’s not all; these downloaded videos are compatible with every sharing platform. This simply means you can share your AI video content anywhere without limitations.

E-commerce-Centric Design for Enhanced Performance

The Oxolo AI video editor is an invaluable tool when promoting your E-Commerce store’s products. Using it, you can create engaging product videos to promote your business on social media, which may increase sales.

Oxolo AI Pricing

Although it is one of the best free platforms to create AI videos. You can start using Oxolo AI for free as they give 10 free credits to your account; after that, you need to purchase it based on your requirements.

Here is the pricing structure: Billed Annually

Here is the pricing structure: Billed Monthly

For more details, you can check here.


Is Oxolo AI suitable for any type of product or industry?

Yes, Oxolo AI is designed to be versatile and can be used for a wide range of products across various industries. Whether you’re selling fashion items, electronics, or any other type of product, Oxolo AI aims to assist in creating engaging videos to promote your products effectively.

How user-friendly is Oxolo AI for individuals with no video editing experience?

Oxolo AI is specifically crafted for e-commerce store owners and marketers who may lack expertise in graphics design or video editing. The tool is user-friendly, requiring just a few simple steps. Users can input their product URL, choose settings, and let Oxolo AI automatically generate a professional-quality video. The user interface is intuitive, making it accessible for those with limited video editing experience.

Can I use my own content (images, videos) in addition to Oxolo’s media collection for customization?

Absolutely! Oxolo AI offers a high degree of customization. In addition to its extensive media collection, you can upload your own images and videos to personalize your content further. This flexibility ensures that users can maintain brand consistency and uniqueness in their product videos.

What are the limitations of the free version, and how does the pricing structure work?

The free version of Oxolo AI provides users with 10 credits to get started. While it offers a taste of the tool’s capabilities, there may be limitations on features or the number of videos that can be created. After exhausting the free credits, users can choose from various pricing plans based on their requirements. More details on pricing and features can be found on the official Oxolo AI website.

Is there customer support available, and how responsive is it?

Yes, Oxolo AI provides customer support to assist users with any queries or concerns. You can reach out to the support team through the contact details provided on their website. The responsiveness of the support team may vary, but they aim to address inquiries promptly to ensure a smooth experience for users.


Oxolo’s cloud-based AI technology efficiently creates engaging product videos in just minutes. The AI effortlessly converts text-based content into visually engaging videos, removing the necessity for advanced editing skills. This AI video editor offers a wide range of options for selecting actors, incorporating voiceovers, adding images and background music, and making script revisions. 

Besides, Oxolo’s affordable solution combines modern features to guarantee effective engagement on popular platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. 

Overall, Oxolo AI is a smart investment that enhances your product messages, making it an excellent option for creating engaging videos with cost-effectiveness in just a few minutes.

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